Enriching lifestyle for Heritage.

Be Home in the most enticing properties and locations Worldwide

ChateauShares Owners Club offers to invest in ONE property and to get for you and your family
the benefit for a lifetime USUFRUCT IN DOZENS of properties worldwide.

Live around the globe for the price of a loft...

Instead of getting a charge, invest in a Lifestyle.

Generally, buying a secondary residence offers sole ownership + usufruct of... this simple and only one residence. The selected estate never changes location, and not would it follow you wherever you may like to travel. As much as it can appear as an asset, it usually could become a charge : financially, for maintenance, and mostly because you are stuck in one place for holidays.
ChateauShares Owners-Club represents THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the previous norm.
Investing with us in one estate is investing in your lifetime usufruct for plenty of apartments, villas, castles, locations. It becomes then an investment inside both financial+physical freedom.

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Sedentary Nomads

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XVIIIth Century Castle

Originally signed in 2018, the project is planned to be optimized by Fall 2021.
This Resort is ideally situated an hour away between Paris and Honfleur, with direct access with the Highway.


Global Valuation (Vn)



Gruyère-Pays d'Enhaut
Alpine Resort and Spa

Grand-Opening planned in June 2022 (If Covid Pandemic measures don't low it down)
Project actually under renovation for a fully reimagined 5* experience.

55% ok

Global Valuation (Vn)



New-York City

Situated in the city of West New-York, this famous Designer's Condo is standing 25 min away from Times Square door to door. The Manhattan views from the balcony and East Boulevard are amazing !


Global Valuation (Vn)



Castle, Gardens and Village

Village is just a high probability option at this stage.
The Castle itself is ready to use, with about 10 million renovation and refurbishing works made over the last decade.


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Planning to get a secondary residence ?

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Redefined Swiss-Mazot in a charming mountain village

Mazots are typical and architecturally interesting chalets constructed in wood on top of stones, originally to maintain animals and their food safe. These places becomes an adventurous and cosy way to live relaxing Mountain-life moments.
From there, you can enjoy skiing in La Tzoumaz, use the caterpillars quadcars to go on every small roads, or enjoy Iserables Cablecar to go down to the Valley.

23 March 21 Work in Process
Whirlpool and Spa-Terrace to complete Secret Garden

50 years ago, it was the dining room. It then became a Fitness, to turn out as a base for a new construction for a Spa in-between the two wonderland gardens, in the exact heart of Paris-London-Brussels triangle. The cosy Loft is the perfect halt on a trip between two other related properties. During your stay, you may fancy a dinner in one of the most starred Michelin restaurant, five kilometers away.

10 March 21 Work in Process
Romantic Palace in the heart of Vexin Normand

Le Château de Brescourt is taking a time to breathe and refresh. Keeping its soul, renovating for comfort with keeping the old feeling of Castle sith the soul and lifestyle that this property enhances. We are adding a spa, renovating completely the annexes and the main hall to receive boutiques, a new courtyard with a welcoming waterfountain, also as a Lounge Club just next to the Main Gate.

15 August 2018 Work in Process